Boy Scout Troop 171 :: HTTP/SSL

Several of the resources of make use of HTTP/SSL, also known as HTTPS. This is done to secure the communications between the client (web browser) and the server by encrypting potentially sensitive data (passwords, phone numbers, etc..). In order for the client and server to understand each other's encrypted data, the server provides the client with a certificate, stating who it is, and how to communicate securely with it.

2015/12/26 UPDATE: We finally have a signed and trusted certificate that was free thanks to WoSign. Therefore the below is no longer valid, you should be able to just use these HTTPS protected resources simply. :)

Though, in order for client to trust the server's certificate, it must be signed by someone the client trusts. Web browsers come with a list of signers that it should trust, though all of them charge a significant amount of money to sign certificates. Therefore, uses certificates signed only by itself, which web browsers will not, by default, trust.

To solve this problem, please download the certificate listed below with your web browser. If you are using Netscape or Mozilla, it will automatically recognize it and propose to install it. Answer that you wish to trust it for web site security. If you are using Internet Explorer, save the certificate to a file (i.e. on the desktop), and then double click on the saved file. The Certificate Installation wizard will start, follow its instructions to add it to the Trusted Certificate Authority list.

2005/02/16 UPDATE: The certificates used by expired back in late January. Due to an earlier misconfiguration of the server, the new certificate requires manual re-installation. If you have installed this certificate in the past, please remove it from your web browser and install the new one as above. To remove the old certificate: After this is done, you will be able to use the secure resources of this website without any complaints from you web browser. If you have trouble doing this, or your web browser continues to complain about unsigned certificates, please email the webmaster,, for help.

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